Compassion Arts Theatre

A forum theatre ensemble partnering with charities to nurture compassion and empathy within Devon and Cornwall

Why Theatre?

We believe that theatre, and specifically forum theatre, offers the capacity to rehearse real life scenarios in a safe environment. We use this method as a way to allow errors to be made and a safe space to discuss alternative approaches

Why Charities?

Charities hold valuable information that can make our community and world a better place. Currently, we are partnered with St Luke’s Hospice Plymouth to help in the delivery of their Compassionate Friends Training – find out more here.

Why Schools?

Although we occasionally offer the Compassionate Friends Training in businesses, we focus our training on students in local schools. We believe that if the younger generation learns compassion and empathy sooner, our community prospers.

About Us

Compassion Arts Theatre was started by Dr Alex Cahill. Alex trained in Theatre of the Oppressed in the USA before relocating to England. Her work focuses on sustainability and making her local community a better place.

Compassion Arts is also made up of a group of local actors, theatre artists, and directors/writers. Please read more about what we do on the ABOUT page.

If you are interested in joining Compassion Arts Theatre, please get in touch using the form below.

Current Charity Partner

Recent Schools and Businesses


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